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Have you realised an ROI from your BSM?

We have all given up on the pretense that we (a) can and, (b) will be able to achieve any form of meaningful Business Service Management or return any usable value from it.

1. On average (we are all from enterprise scale businesses) we have on average at least 200 services which should be modeled

2. We’re unable to even create useful models of services that have any reference to the infrastructure utilised by a specific service or the relevant thresholds and events that comprise that represent impact to that service at appropriate times.

3. Even if we could create the models, we would be unable to maintain the changes to them.

Where we have attempted a high level model of a service, it simply represents when ANY event occurs so it is always red!

Have you managed to deliver a real BSM platform that your organization uses every day and shows a return on your investment?

– Tell us about it

– Let us know what you use

– How do you maintain the models

We would really like to know!!! We know that we need this functionality to be able to more effectively represent our work rate and quality of service delivery to our customers.

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