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The ITILosaurus Has Landed!!!

Ahhh, our first post. We are you and you are we. We are simply a group of connected IT operations professionals working for a range of companies who met (over a drink or two) and suddenly realised that “you know what…ITIL AND the vendors who claim to delivery it…is REALLY getting in the way of enabling and delivering successful IT operations management.

Watch this space as we give you our views on the CMDB, BSM, Continuous Service Improvement, Config Management, Root-Cause Analysis, Predictive Fault Management, Service Desk, Performance Management…

You name it and we have a point of view AND we’re not afraid of sharing it.

If you agree, right on, if you disagree, right on.

This site has no moderation and no censorship. If you think it, write it. All we ask is that:

– If you are a vendor or consultant, you identify your company

– If you are an end-user of IT Service Management tools, you mention the tools.

– If you contend with one of our perspectives, give good solid and verifiable reasoning.

This site is not for marketing, but that being said, use it for whatever you like. Afterall, we’re saying what we perceive to be right.

This site is not sponsored in any way. The content on this site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

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