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What’s with the ITSkeptic???


The ITSkeptic and his “Sensationalism” is Anti-IT workers

Dear ITSkeptic

We thank you for telling us we are immature and like Children.

Oh we wait for your ITIL inspired guidance. Show us how to put lipstick on a pig to make ourselves look perfect with our stratospheric level of ITIL Maturity, enabling us to point our fingers at the mere plebeian users and customers.

Then, when we’re done as you advocate, watch us get outsourced or bypassed as our customers finally see right through us, having followed the course you mandated for us.

IT people, don’t adapt, don’t change, stick to rigid ITIL inspired processes and procedures which must be right because IBM, HP, BMC, CA, Accenture, Capgemini, PinkElephant (in the room!)…and all the other rag bag of consultancies who never actually manage IT but feel righteous enough to tell us how we should be doing it (or our mediocre management who have never managed an IT network, server or application in their lives – great Degree in Procurement or Accounting though!) who accept all that the external consultant (carrying a bag of worthless tools) has to offer.

Don’t you love the way the ITIL industry has it all, Consulting, Tools and finally, the kicker End Game, Outsourcing…Inbreds.

ITSkeptic, your name says it all: you are a sceptic about Information Technology. You are so wrong. You should be sceptical about the sham and shameful industry that has grown up around an original set of process guidelines for managing Government Mainframes. The Words Government, Managing and Mainframe should ring all the warning bells. When has a government been able to afford quality people? Never. So, keep it simple stupid principles rein.  The operative word should be “Guidelines”.

Until vendors start producing fit for purpose IT Service Management tools. Tools that support us rather than becoming an industry in a box or back door for consultants, we in the IT industry will not be able to truly manage our infrastructure or our customers service demands.

So, in short, we at ITILosaurus advocate embracing a little anarchy. Let’s drop the process and change walls and allow our customers (internal in the Enterprise I am talking about) to propose new approaches, and let’s take on those approaches, delivering a “best attempt” level of service. Let’s get rid of our customer help desks and use social chat networks to interface directly with our customers. We will make our customers happy because we will be instantly reactive to their Change requirements, and if there are problems, we’ll be reactive to their calls (just like those web sites which offer you the opportunity to chat with a representative). In fact, thinking about it, let’s invest in chatbots to handle the first level for us.

Good bye ITIL, Hello Customer Satisfaction!!! Good bye Consultants and Outsourcers and Not Fit For Purpose Software Vendors, Hello Modern Infrastructure Services and On Demand Cloud Services.


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