The ITIL Septic is you. ITIL was designed in the Mainframe era (Jurassic) for  Data Center Management, was hi-jacked and perverted at the tail end of the Client-Server era (Bronze Age) and has been forced on the Service Oriented era (Industrial Revolution).

From a Strategic perspective, ITIL is a great concept. Sadly, from a practical execution perspective, ITIL is not fit for purpose and is in fact making IT Service Management more difficult.

Applying ITIL to modern highly dynamic and hybrid IT infrastructures is like taking the steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedals off a Land Rover and still expecting to drive up a mountain: All the mechanicals are capable of the job, but there is no way to control it.

In this blog “we” will discuss all the ITIL ills from an End-User Customer perspective that seem to be overlooked by the vendors and consultancies plying us with their very reasonably priced services!!!

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